is currenly under construction. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience; however, we have exciting news - our new website and app will be launching soon! Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, If you have a question or need to get into contact with us,  please call or email our main office at (416) 438-1601 or


Please take the time to read our parking plan below. We are doing everything within our reach to make this period of construction the least disruptive to our ministries and your experience on Sunday mornings. Family, we deeply appreciate your cooperation during this time of transition. We are going to do this together! 


1) Where do I park on Sunday?
During the construction of the Trinity Ravine Towers, our current parking will not be available. We kindly ask that you park in the Parking Garage at 1200 Markham Road. The parking garage is easily accessible from both Markham Road and Ellesmere Road. We deeply appreciate your cooperation during this time of transition.

2) Do I have to walk from the Parking Garage at 1200 Markham Road to GKM?
We are aiming to make parking more convenient than ever before.
We are implementing a shuttle network that transports you from your car to the New Main Entrance of GKM (South Entrance). If you prefer to walking from the Parking Garage, please feel free to do so, it's just a couple of minutes away. Of course, exercise caution during inclement weather as your safety is our number-one priority.

3) Where is the New Main Entrance of GKM?
We are relocating GKM's main entrance to the South Entrance (the back of the building) during the construction of Trinity Ravine Towers. The New Main Entrance also serves as the central Kiss N Ride stop if you wish to drop off passengers (See #4 for details on Kiss N Ride info)

4) Where is the Kiss N Ride entrance?
Our Kiss N Ride entrance is accessible from Markham Road. You'll be able to easily drop off or pick up passengers right from our New Main Entrance (South Entrance).

After dropping off passengers please continue to the Parking Garage at
1200 Markham road using the new driveway in the South Parking Lot.

After picking up passengers,please follow exit signs to Markham Road.


5) Where do I check my children in for kids and youth programming on Sunday?
Considering there may be some delays as we adjust to our new parking arrangements, we kindly ask that you come 30 mins before service to drop off your children to our Kids and Youth Ministries. Kid's check-in has been relocated to the gym to offer additional convenience being just a few steps from the New Main Entrance (South Entrance).
6) Will there be Wheelchair Accessible Parking at GKM?
Wheelchair Accessible Parking is available on the South Parking Lot and can be accessed through the Kiss N Ride entrance on Markham Road. We will have even more Accessible Parking during construction than we currently have.

7) What if I take the TTC, how does construction affect me?
There will be a covered walkway from the sidewalk on Markham Road that connects directly to the front entrance (North Entrance) of the building. TTC Riders will be the only ones with access to the North Entrance.
8) Where do I park during the week?
During the week there will be approximately 50-70 parking spots available in the south parking lot (back of the church).