Life Groups


Life Groups

Living It Out Together

We desire to see believers mature and become healthy disciples of Jesus Christ. It is not enough to be a fan of Jesus, but to be a true follower of Him. The vehicle we are using to get people from here to there is a small group of 5-10 people journeying together in faith.

Jesus hand-picked a small group of 12 men. He spent time with them. He ministered to them, mentored them and molded them. He turned them into world changers. Even more, Jesus showed us the power of a small group and the great things that can be accomplished in them. He showed us that we can change the worlds of those who come into our small groups. Within our life groups, we want to provide an avenue and environment to help people grow, build relationships and to process life’s issues.

Ministry Times
Life groups meet all across the city at various times and places throughout the year, click the button below for group details and locations.

Pastor Elly Morin
416-438-1601 ext. 233


Life Groups Directory - Spring 2018

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