As a Church, we are dedicated to keeping our family safe and connected. In order to do this, we will be complying with the Toronto Public Health guidelines and moving our Sunday services online.
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He heard my voice

He Heard My Voice

Cry out to God
2 Samuel 22: 7 “In my distress I called to the Lord; I called out to my God. From his temple he heard my voice my cry came to his ears…

One of the biggest challenges of this pandemic for me happened this past Sunday. Even though I had been working from home for the past few days; conducted a few face to face online meetings, spent hours on various phone calls, text messages and emails. In my heart I knew Sunday was coming. In my head, I knew it would be online and I thought  my heart was prepared for it. When I woke up on Sunday it felt different. It was not the fact that I was at home yet another day, but it was a Sunday where I COULD NOT physically interact with kids or lay my hands and pray for whatever they may be facing in the coming week. There was an eerie heaviness creeping into my emotions, “Whaaaat is this feeling?” A feeling of Purposelessness? Is that even a word? I grabbed my Bible and positioned myself in front of the monitor to watch our online service, mumbling, “Oh this feeling will pass.” While waiting for service to begin, I decided to read my chapter of the day and the above verse exposed my feelings and redirected my prayer at that moment, “I am distressed God…I feel like I have no purpose today, please hear my cry, let it come to your ears.” ….And then my tears came.

This pandemic has affected everyone in different layers of their lives. The comfort in the midst of this crisis is keeping our purpose through our intimacy with God. In my distress, I called out to the Lord, and in my tears, my faith was strengthened.  By faith, I was able to cry out to God for every child, parent and leader asking God to bless them, keep them and fulfil His purpose in their lives. In this crisis, may you know that God hears your cry, and is able to strengthen your purpose and hope in Him.

Patrice Toussaint
Next Generation Lead & Children's Pastor

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